Year: 2016
- a video installation for the University of Copenhagen - South Campus. Chamber: originates from the Latin word ‘camera’ - a vaulted room - a small room - or a room, which is used to carry out experiments or procedures and the like. Chamber play: A condensed play with a small cast in a demarcated space with emphasis on the psychological intensity of the piece. Media Mesh: a grid of stainless steel wire interwoven with LED lights installed on the approximately 70 m2 façade of the campus building that houses the Faculty of Humanities, and is mirrored in the glass façade of the faculty library. These factors provide the framework for a video installation with the purpose of relating to the specific outdoor spaces, the architecture and the users, and at the same time draw attention to itself. During the course of the day and night, an hour-long film sequence is shown, both in its entirety and in shorter sequences. The film sequences are slow and exist in an interaction of activity and inactivity as still photographs or a black screen. In order to define the narrative of the place, the video installation takes the student room setting with its classic props - chair, table, lamps and books - as its starting point. A type of chamber play where the actors – and preferably a young man – carry out processes, in a performative and solitary manner, which transparently merge into each other. Processes which comprise a kind of searching, the flicking through of and immersion in books, a staging and challenging of oneself in relation to the number of props that are taken in, rearranged, stacked and pushed around in the room in various compositions while alternating between light, colour, scale and mirrored reflections of varying intensity. Video as a medium provides the opportunity to work with a range of spatialities – there is the space where the video is recorded and there is also the virtual space of the work and furthermore, the space in which the work is shown. This dialogical relationship between architecture and decoration is especially present when dark details in the video temporarily open the installation up and allow visual access to the building’s components and user activity, which takes place behind the structure and light in the Media Mesh.

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